If you aren’t seeing the sales you want and need to be able to finally start paying yourself in your business, then you’re most likely MISSING …

The Reasons Why They Buy

Go from constant objections to
consistent clients with these eight things every offer needs.


Create an offer your audience can't ignore

The #1 strategy that gets your audience not only to listen to you, but also take action

What to do right before you say your price that increases conversion

Hi, I’m Valerie

I’m a Human Behavior Consultant. That means I share why we humans, especially business owners and buyers do what we do – and why our buyers DON’T react to our offers even when we know that we can hep them.

As an Entrepreneurship Thinking Partner, I help solo business owners who have not yet paid themselves to get their business off the ground and turn it into a money-making machine without the struggle and scrapping of where to start.

I want to assure you, you can make some simple shifts that get clients to go from “whatever” to “I gotta have it.”

Ready to understand your clients’ buying behavior so you can make money on demand and FINALLY pay yourself what you know your expertise is worth? That’s exactly what you’ll learn in this masterclass. I invite you to join me.

Are you ready to confidently show up and make money on demand?