Ready to Start your
Business In A Weekend?

Put all the pieces together to replace your paycheck

Clarify your cash-creating idea
Connect to eager, hungry buyers
Create a plan for making your first sale

…all within 48 hours

Business In A Weekend is our no-fail, done-with-you process showing you EXACTLY where to put your
time, effort, energy, and attention to create your first sale.

I see you…

Going to work all day (at home or at the office) daydreaming about quitting that soul-sucking job and running your own business.

Using your lunch hour, kid’s naptime, evenings, weekends, and any spare minute to work on the business.

Downloading all the freebies trying to figure everything out yourself – marketing, sales, tech, social media (AHHHHH!)

Worst of all…

You’re working on something an expert told you was the secret to success only to be pulled away by some other magic strategy.

Now you’re chasing 2 or 3 (or 87) ideas and not getting traction on any of them.

STOP! Take a breath!

I get it.

Starting a new business can be confusing and overwhelming. ESPECIALLY if you don’t know where to start.

There’s so much to do.
To learn.
So many pieces to the business-building puzzle.

How do you actually put all the pieces together?

What if I could give you the picture on the outside of the box?

That’s exactly what we do in Business In A Weekend!

What you get in Business in a Weekend

is precise clarity on:


Whether your business idea will work


What you are offering (and how to price it)


Who you are offering it to (and where to find them)


How to make your first sale (and many more)

Here’s how it works

2- Day Virtual Workshop

6 hours of LIVE teaching Saturday and Sunday

Q&A and spotlight coaching throughout


Full workshop workbook for notes, exercises, and activities 

Put all the pieces together and take the guesswork out of building your own business

You can no longer afford to keep working harder and harder, trying to figure out this entrepreneurship thing yourself.

  • 45% of startups fold due to lack of cash
  • 20% of businesses fail in their first year
  • 64% by the fifth year

So, if the first year doesn’t kill you, the next 4 might.

I’d don’t just spout these statistics, I’ve lived them.

I started out just like you.

I was fired from my dream job, my second job out of college, and I decided then and there to never rely on a “secure” paycheck again!

I started out freelancing and then 3 other businesses.

All of them lasted about 18 months.

Until, I finally realized that I was making a huge mistake.

I was starting businesses based on my expertise. I was a great wedding planner, graphic designer, knitter and conference planner.

But, I wasn’t great at business.

Maybe your making this mistake right now.

And you’re not alone.

I’ve seen so many talented experts struggle to get started and the idea of getting a profitable business off the ground stops them dead in their tracks.

They stay stuck, and their business never makes it any further than the idea in their head.

The run out of cash (or support) before they run out of inspiration.

Which means they stay in their “secure” job, chasing someone else’s dream.

If you never get this figured out, you’ll never go on to make the impact or the income you want from your expertise and experience.

And that’s what Business in a Weekend was designed to stop.

It is the culmination of 15 years of tried and true experience building, failing, pivoting, re-building my business, and helping others build theirs.

It’s the solution to overwhelm.

It will keep you from being a startup statistic.

So…are you in?


We don’t leave you after the weekend.

Included in your Business in a Weekend investment, you get 

4 follow up calls

We do live follow up calls in the week following the training so you will never stay stuck.

Lifetime access to workshop recording and workbook

Go back to the workshop when you need it. 

Facebook community of beginning business owners

Feel stuck or lost? Need help or advice? 
In this community, no business owner is alone.

You can master my ENTIRE
business building program for just $195.

Business in a Weekend is the ultimate business building experience.

If you’ve already felt the nudge toward being a business owner, I’m going to show you what it takes to make it happen.

Plus, I have a no-questions-asked money-back guarantee.

If you don’t know

  • exactly where to start
  • who your audience is
  • what you should focus on

And you show that

  • you watched the workshop live or replay
  • attended the followup calls live or replay
  • did the work within 30 days…

I’ll refund your $195 investment.

Next weekend workshop starts








Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Business in a Weekend For?

Business in a Weekend will teach you how to graduate from starting a business to running a business. 

If you’re a 

  • Beginning business owner who is not making money yet 
  • Wanna-be business owner who has an idea, but is not sure how to get started
  • Sorta-wanna-be business owner, who doesn’t know where to start

…then Business in a Weekend was created specifically for you.

This sounds intense, can I really do this?

If this workshop sounds overwhelming, it might just be that you already feel overwhelmed…and you’re looking to see how you can ADD this program to your existing to-do list.

Business in a Weekend is the antidote to overwhelm. It’s a system designed to give you focus and clarity. It will help you align your actions so you can have a clear map of where you are headed.

I struggle with confidence and putting myself out there before it’s “perfect.” Will this help?

You and me both. Yes! I will help you break through any fear or worry about perfectionism, rejection, or criticism.

I’m overwhelmed with the technology involved with starting a business. Do I need to be tech-savvy to make this work?

No. It’s never been easier to build a business than RIGHT NOW.

No part of this weekend or our Business Building Launchpad even goes into building a website or funnels.

The “techy” stuff doesn’t have to limit you or keep you stuck any longer.

What is the guarantee / refund policy?

If you have gone through the workshop (live or replay) and attended the 4 followup calls (live or replay), implemented the 6-step process and can demonstrate your work, but you haven’t seen any results, you can request a refund of your $95 investment within 30 days of the live workshop. 

This is my commitment to you. I want there to be no risk whatsoever when you decide to join.

Is there any support if I have questions or get stuck?

When you enroll in Business in a Weekend, I want you to know I’ve got your back.  You can get support:

  1. On the live workshop weekend. If you show up live and participate in the chat, I will often do spotlight coaching right then in there.
  2. On the 4 follow up calls – same deal. Show up live and ask all your questions so you don’t stay stuck.
  3. The Members-only facebook group. This is your community. This is your chance to ask questions and get feedback anytime (even at 2 a.m.) I will be there daily to support our members.
Have a question that isn't answered here?

Email my team at support@valeriezumwalt.com

Ready to finally launch that business of your dreams?

And do it fast, without the guesswork of DIY or piecemeal freebies and courses…