Let Your Business Brain take care of the planning, so you can just show up and serve

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Be the visionary your business needs

Nail your next launch without the stress

Host an event without worrying about details

Hi! I’m Valerie Zumwalt, and I’m Your Business Brain.

I help digital CEOs plan and execute their business operations so they can show up and serve in the zone of genius without worrying about the details.

  • Business Integrator

  • Launch Manager

  • Virtual (or in person) Event Planner

  • Your Business Brain

Work with Valerie

Launch Management

Whether you’re launching a service, coaching, a course, a membership, or anything else, launching is just a small piece of the work.

Most of the success of a launch comes from planning and working ahead, so that you can just show up, serve, and sell!

And this is true whether it’s a new offering, or you’re launching over and over again.

Let me take all those details off your plate to execute your best launch.

Event Management

You have a vision for a conference, summit, or retreat that will bring your clients and prospects together, but you’re overwhelmed with all the decisions and details that go into planning it. 

That’s where I come in.

I manage online and in-person events from start to finish – full project management  – so you can wow your audience . 

Business Integration

If you are ideas person stuck doing all the operations roles in your business, it’s time to free you up to be visionary CEO your business needs.

As an Integrator, I’m your Director of Getting Things Done, executing the day-to-day projects so you can get to your vision faster.